Spring Quinoa & Barley Salad


Spring Quinoa & Barley Salad

I have a very long and extensive list of must-go-to restaurants.  I was able to check-off one of those restaurants,  Terrain Garden Café in Glen Mills, PA.  The meals at Terrain are carefully crafted with local and organic meat and produce.  My husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary and I asked that we spend the afternoon together and have brunch at Terrain.

It was a great idea because we had a brunch reception for our wedding.  Like most restaurants, Terrain only serves brunch on the weekends.  Our anniversary fell on a Monday. Boo.

That’s okay!  I made lunch reservations.  We dropped off Baby T with Auntie S, picked up some beer and vino and headed to our destination.  I was so ready and so excited to pour over the menu and feast on the bounty of the land.

Fresh, warm bread in a flower pot.  Yes, please.

Fresh, warm bread in a flower pot. Yes, please.

I was close to stuffed after devouring the adorable and scrumptious bread pot (yummy, warm bread baked in a flower pot) and the cheese board was of generous portions and nothing short of delicious.

This recipe was inspired by the main dish that I ordered, the dayboat scallop salad.  I rarely pass up the chance to order scallops a.k.a. candy of the sea.  The scallops were served over a barley and quinoa salad with “farmer’s market vegetables, pickled red onion, local micro greens, apple-honey vinaigrette”

We are huge quinoa fans in this family and I loved this quinoa and barley salad which included asparagus and sugar snap peas and lightly dressed with vinaigrette.  This was my best attempt to recreate this dish.  I swapped out the sugar snap peas for frozen peas (because that’s what I had on hand).  I purchased “10 minute barley” at Trader Joe’s which significantly cut back the prep time.  I created my own apple vinaigrette. This recipe is about assembling ingredients that you can easily be made ahead if needed.  This is a great side dish for a BBQ or picnic.

You will need…

4 c. cooked quinoa
2 c. cooked barley
1 lb. Asparagus (stemmed, blanched, and cut)
1 c. frozen peas
Apple Vinaigrette


  • Follow instructions on package to cook quinoa and barley.
  • wikiHow has simple instructions on how to blanch asparagus.
  • place peas in a microwave safe dish and add 1/4 cup of water.  Microwave for about 3 mins. Drain and set aside.
  • assemble all ingredients: quinoa, barley, asparagus and peas in a large bowl.
  • drizzle some apple vinaigrette over the salad. Mix and taste and add more vinaigrette if desired.
  • Serve cold or room temperature.
Spring Quinoa & Barley Salad

Spring Quinoa & Barley Salad



Terrain Garden Café 



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